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                                 SWL Mobile Showers will not be in service until further notice secondary to the corona virus


​​ is said the poor will always be among us.  That can be a discouraging thought.  Every generation has had their struggles with poverty and despair.  Today is no different.  Over half a million Americans are homeless on any given night. 

Feeling dirty, literally foul smelling and visibly haggard can be a barrier to seeking assistance.

Showered With Love Mobile Showers cannot commit to ending homelessness, however with the support of our community we fully commit to…

  • 3 stall mobile shower servicing the Stockton and Lodi community
  • Provide a safe and diginified shower experience for our homeless and at risk communities and families
  • Socks, underwear and hygiene kits for all showering guests
  • All necessary hygiene and supplies for showering
  • 2 shaving stations
  • Strict safety standards
  • Commuity Resource Connections

For those who are near their goals, striving to make a better life, we offer to help ease burdens and provide a hot shower.

For those deeply tangled in their struggles, we offer a safe environment, the opportunity to feel human for a moment and a most needed hot shower.

For those too young to make any changes on their own, we offer hope and a hot shower.


"Changing lives, one Hot Shower at a Time"

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Meet Our Board of Directors​

Mary Jarrard - President​

Anicia Hibdon - Statistics

Eugene Marsili
Sergeant of Arms

Lori Behnke - Treasurer

Robert Hanisch - IT​​​

Kathryn Siddle
Grant Writer

​​​​​​Kelly Hanisch - VP​​​

​​​​​​Henry Peralta